10 metre High grade plug & play CCTV cable

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Plug and play video and power cable combined

These pre-made made cable lengths enable you to easily connect your CCTV camera's, recorders, monitors & DVRs together. The video plugs are standard BNC connections and so make it compatible with almost any CCTV camera in the world! 

The power comes with male to female DC connectors which will suit 99% of standard CCTV cameras as an industry standard connection. The cables are available in various lengths to suit your requirements and make for an easy installation.

ROBOX INFORMATION ARTICLE: How is important is the CCTV cable?

Did you know the CCTV cable is as important as the camera or DVR. The cable is the medium used to transport the video (TV Lines) and power signal. Using a cheaper quality cable will result in heavy loss of the signal back at the DVR or monitor end. What does this mean? If you are purchasing higher quality cameras and using poor quality cables, the image will degrade over the length of the run leading to a blury image and inadequate nightvision as the cameras cannot receive sufficient power for the infrared lamps. 

Why chose the ROBOX cables?

1. Sourced from a world leading manufacturer of cabling since 1984

2. Manufacturing to the strictest standards to ensure high quality images.

2. Using higher copper content to ensure you receive the best possible picture from your CCTV cameras.

3. Moulded with HG BNC and DC connectors giving you an industry standard way of connecting your system.

4. Video and power combined making it easier for you to run the cables together saving you time.

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Warranty Information

1 year
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