Hikvision DeepInMind 32 Channel NVR with upto 12MP Resolution & DeepLearning Analytics

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Every day, the security industry moves toward more intelligent and more efficient methods. With the competition intensifying, security companies continue to expand applications, seeking new growth points. Among the various new technologies of recent years, facial recognition is undoubtedly the most eye-catching

Imagine a radically new and powerfully intelligent video recording device from Hikvision. An NVR with the power to overhaul any video surveillance system. This is it. Hikvision’s DeepinMind Series NVR Model is the first embedded NVR based on a deep learning algorithm executed by its GPU, making it faster and more accurate than conventional CPUs. This NVR effectively filters out alarms triggered by animals and inanimate objects, with greater than 90% accuracy. Deep learning has come to the security industry in this amazing video recording unit. Hikvision's DeepinMind NVR integrates beautifully with economical IP cameras as an intelligent filter solution. Integrating this NVR into an existing security system will radically advance its capabilities in one simple step. Continue reading to see how this might be possible

Hikvision's DeepinMind NVR is the industry’s first deep learning, embedded NVR. Its remarkable power is based on the GPU design, not the CPU, setting it apart from – and ahead of – its competitors’ digital video recorders. Performance is enhanced, and VCAs reaches a new level of sophistication.







CCTVDEPOT have been supplying Hikvision for over 8 years and as such have developed an expertise in the entire Hikvision product line. Our London Warehouse carries one of the largest stock of Hikvision products in the UK holding approx 3000+ Cameras at any given time. All our stock is UK Grade stock (**We do not supply or deal in any grey import versions**)

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