Hikvision IP 8MP 4K HD Bullet with 4mm Lens, EXIR 50M, POE & Smart VCA

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When it comes to protecting your home or business, you want to ensure the product you choose not only provides 24/7 security but gives you the peace of mind that you're investing in the very best CCTV available. Manufactured by Hikvision, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional CCTV, this camera has been chosen by thousands of businesses and homes to protect their property, business, cars and family. The brand has become one of the largest private companies in the world of security through their dedication to providing the very best in CCTV and is no wonder it is chosen by major governments and business throughout the world.

This IP camera has built in POE adaptive technology making it very easy for you to install. Once it's plugged into a NVR, it will automatically allocate itself onto the recorder and you can enjoy the benefits of the most advanced security while enjoying the plug and play ease of the system.

It is made from a robust material, making it ideal for protecting your home or business. 

What's more is the camera has an integrated SMART VCA Analysis allowing you to tap into the new wave of analytic features available in the CCTV Market. We are confident with this product as one of our key sellers and offer a money back guarantee on all Hikvision products. 


What makes this range unique among the rivals in the Professional CCTV Market?

-       4mm wide angle fixed lens Camera

-       Easy POE Plug and Play Connection

-       Powerful EXIR LEDS giving you upto 50metres Night range

-       4K HD with 8MegaPixel Sensor High Definition. The very best.

-       Robust Casing for outdoor use IP66 rated

-       Smart VCA Analysis built in


CCTVDEPOT have been supplying Hikvision for over 8 years and as such have developed an expertise in the entire Hikvision product line. Our London Warehouse carries one of the largest stock of Hikvision products in the UK holding approx 3000+ Cameras at any given time. All our stock is UK Grade stock (**We do not supply or deal in any grey import versions**)

Bonus Features



This camera has been manufactured by Hikvision, the world's largest manufacturer of professional security equipment. In addition to all the unique engineering that has gone into producing this highly functional and advanced camera, it features some extra features not found in other cameras:

1. H265+ If you could cut down bandwidth, decrease data storage requirements, and improve overall system performance with one reliable, advanced codec, you would save time, money, and resources. Unique to this product. Click here to learn more and Click here for a comparison with standard cameras

2. EXIR LEDs- The camera uses the Hikvision propriety Night LED’s known as EXIR which are 30% more powerful than standard IR LEDs. Click here to learn more 

3. Smart VCA Analysis- Benefit from the most advanced CCTV analytics in the market. Click here to learn more

4. Triple Stream Technology- The camera has a triple processing technology so you can stream the camera for multiple feeds. Click here to learn more

5. On Board SD Storage- Features an inbuilt SD Card for local storage. You can use this in addition to the NVR storage. 

6. Extra bundle- Hikvision's constant development in the CCTV industry gives them a leading edge on other cameras. There are an extra bundle of features that this camera has giving you peace of mind that you're investing in the best in CCTV. Click here to learn more 

7. 4K-HD 8MegaPixel Sensor- Are you ready for 4K Ultra HD security. Welcome to the future of the most advanced 4K resolution system on the market. Click here to learn more


Connection Diagram

The Camera has a standard RJ45 Connection 

Power Over Ethernet means one CATX cable can be used. Depending on the NVR, you can run 100 or upto 250metres.

The Camera also has local power (DC) if you want to power the camera from your own power source. 



Click here for the datasheet for this product

Click here for the user manual for this product

Please email us at sales@cctvdepot.co.uk for any technical related queries.

Or call our specialist team on 01753 541 994 with your enquiries. 


This camera comes with a 2 years warranty and a 14 day money back guarantee

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