Hikvision PRO 4 Channel NVR with 4K-HD 8MP Compatibility and 4 POE Ports

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Truly effective video surveillance requires more than just good cameras. High-quality recording devices are indispensable. What good is a set of great cameras if the backend devices are faulty or the footage gets lost? When you install top of the line cameras, chances are you would not install average NVRs. Top quality cameras deserve top quality NVRs. That is why Hikvision developed its newest series of embedded NVRs. Hikvision embedded NVRs are all-in-one video recording units which offer the benefits of IP video, but with no complex integration. And now with Deep Learning units, Hikvision is set to launch into new realms of power and functionality in security industry video recording. Captured video is only as good as the devices that store it and play it back. Don’t take chances with inferior video recording devices. Get the confidence that comes with powerful and reliable NVRs. Whether you are installing a new surveillance system or upgrading an existing one, aim for the best with Hikvision’s Embedded NVRs.


What makes this range unique among the rivals in the Professional CCTV Market?

-       Easy POE Plug and Play Connection

-       HDMi & VGA Video Output

-       H265+ Compression Facilities

-       Smart VCA Analysis built in




What makes the Hikvision NVRs a cut above the rest is the H265+ encoders- giving you the very best picture quality while giving you the most efficient storage solutions on the market




CCTVDEPOT have been supplying Hikvision for over 8 years and as such have developed an expertise in the entire Hikvision product line. Our London Warehouse carries one of the largest stock of Hikvision products in the UK holding approx 3000+ Cameras at any given time. All our stock is UK Grade stock (**We do not supply or deal in any grey import versions**)

Brochure & Technical

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This camera comes with a 2 years warranty and a 14 day money back guarantee

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