Hikvision PRO Bullet with motorised Autozoom and Darkfighter Technology

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  • Hikvision PRO Bullet with motorised Autozoom and Darkfighter Technology
  • Hikvision PRO Bullet with motorised Autozoom and Darkfighter Technology
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The Zline series, an exclusive range from CCTVDEPOT offers an exceptionally high quality image quality and have some of the most advanced features found in HD CCTV. Manufactured by Hikvision, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional CCTV, this camera has been chosen by thousands of businesses and homes to protect their property, business, cars and family.

OUR GUARANTEE- You will not find a camera with these features at this price! Exclusive to CCTVDEPOT and made by Hikvision, the world’s largest Professional CCTV Manufacturer

The HD TVi technology allows you to use traditional Coax + Power cable (RG59) aswell as CAT5e (with Baluns). Now has never been a better time to upgrade your current system without having to rewire for High Definition- simply replace the cameras and DVR


What makes this range unique among the rivals in the Professional CCTV Market?

-       2.8-12mm motorised Zoom Lens with Autofocus sensor (zoom from your dvr)

-       Powerful EXIR LEDS giving you upto 40metres Night range

-       Low Light Darfighter Technology with colour images in 0.005 Lux

-       2MegaPixel Sensor 1080HD

CCTVDEPOT have been supplying Hikvision for over 8 years and as such have developed an expertise in the entire Hikvision product line. Our London Warehouse carries one of the largest stock of Hikvision products in the UK holding approx 3000+ Cameras at any given time. All our stock is UK Grade stock (**We do not supply or deal in any grey import versions**)




Bonus Features



This camera has been manufactured by Hikvision, the world's largest manufacturer of professional security equipment. In addition to all the unique engineering that has gone into producing this highly functional and advanced camera, it features some extra features not found in other cameras:

1. Motorised Autofocus Lens- The Camera features a motorised (as opposed to a manual lens) meaning you can easily adjust the viewing angle from the click of a button. That means, no more going upto the camera with a screwdriver! What’s more is that the camera has an autofocus feature. Once you have set your viewing angle, the camera will automatically focus for you using an AMVF lens.

2. EXIR LEDs- The camera uses the Hikvision propriety Night LED’s known as EXIR which are 30% more powerful than standard IR LEDs. Click here to learn more 

3. Darkfighter Technology- The camera has a larger sensor, a larger lens aperture, and smart gain control technology to dramatically improve nighttime image performance. Click here to learn more


Connection Diagram

You can use both CAT5e (with Baluns) or Traditional Coaxial cabling with this camera

It has a BNC and DC Connector and works of a 12V Power Supply


Please email us at sales@cctvdepot.co.uk for any technical related queries.

Or call our specialist team on 01753 541 994 with your enquiries. 


This camera comes with a 2 years warranty and a 14 day money back guarantee

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