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With over 6 million CCTV cameras in the UK and an increasing demand for security systems in the home and the workplace, the industry is set to grow at around 11% for the next 4 years. Whether you’re looking to start a career in the trade or looking to add CCTV as part of your services, our academy offer some of the most comprehensive courses in the UK.


Our Courses


Introduction to CCTV- Popular*

A 2 day practical introduction to the security industry where you will learn the differences between analogue and IP systems and learn the components needed to setup a CCTV system. The course is restricted to 5 people to ensure each candidate receives a one-on-one approach to match different learning abilities. The course will be taught by a key instructor with additional instructors supplementing the course during the day. By the end, you will receive a certificate and will be given a mentor who you can co for for 12 months to help advise in your CCTV Career.


Other courses

Selling CCTV systems- A Guide to Selling CCTV Security systems.

Advanced CCTV Installation- Advanced CCTV Installation techniques with on-site practical experience

Video Intercom installation- A Practical course on IP based video intercom systems (Hikvision range will be used for demonstration)


Training Centres



R+, Aldwych House - 2, Blagrave Street, Reading




The Future Works - 2 Brunel Way, Slough




2 Kingdom Street, London

W2 6BD



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